New Year

Beginner Yoga


Your Instructor: Marda Zechiel (The Power of Yoga) Marda has been teaching Vinyasa Yoga for 16 years and is excited to introduce new students to The Power of Yoga.

Marda is a 500-hour E-RYT and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)

The GOAL of the New Year challenge is to kickstart your yoga practice with detailed alignment-based instruction through five weeks of thirty-minute classes. Each class builds upon the last to help your progress methodically.

Each class (30 in total) will give you comprehensive practices to teach you the basics of Yoga with attention to proper posture, use of props, and modifications for injuries and limitations.

Yoga has changed my life. Let me show you how it can change yours! Yoga is a lifestyle and complete program that helps you turn inward and find the alignment of your mind and body.

  • Learn to breathe and listen to your body in a new way.
  • Improve balance,
  • reduce stress and sleep better,
  • strengthen muscles and bones,
  • lose weight
  • Take what you learn on the mat for a more mindful day.

And so much more!

When: January 2-February 2, 2023

I am committed to my best life

What you will get in the New Year 2023 Yoga Challenge:

1. Six thirty-minute vinyasa yoga classes each week. The classes will be available for lifetime access and added to the New Year Challenge Library on the Teachable platform each day.

2. Each new class will be added to the Teachable library the night before, so you can set aside time each day to roll out your mat. When you register you will have access to the page where all the videos will be uploaded.

2. To successfully start this new habit, you must commit to practicing 30 minutes each day (six days a week) Find a space in your house dedicated to your practice and New Year's health goals.

3. You will need a yoga mat, yoga blocks, and a yoga strap.

4. For extra support, you will be invited to join the New Years' Vinyasa Yoga Challenge Facebook page.

5. If you have any questions, set up a call.

I am committed to my health in 2023